Project: Azorim Hof Bat Yam


Azorim Hof Bat Yam




Bat Yam











Azorim Hof Bat Yam, the central tower in a group of three buildings located on the western edge of Gan Ha’Ir Neighborhood in Western Bat Yam, is a tall 36-story residential tower that contains 165 housing units. Its special location, some 100 meters from the beach, dictated the design of the tower’s façade – a T-shaped building intended to make sure every apartment faces the west and can enjoy a view of the sea. The radial structure of the building complex leaves a large space for landscape development, which includes a recreational area for residents, as well as plants that provide protection against the west wind.

The apartments’ structure strives to create a balance between luxury and localness, with an emphasis on hospitality along with an intimate, familial feel. The large balconies protrude outward from the residential sections, bringing the landscape into one’s home. The living room, dining area and kitchen share a single space, joining the spacious balcony to create a large common space. The residential section, which consists of a master bedroom and children’s bedrooms, is separate to protect the tenants’ privacy. There is an option to enlarge the common spaces or master bedroom by removing one of the other bedrooms, such that the house can change and adapt to the life state of the family. The building has a particularly strong vertical emphasis and includes a five-level capital in which the structure mass retreats, opening into large balconies. The capital levels are gradated and include luxurious penthouse apartments, some of which even have swimming pools.

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