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Chief Planner

Kika Braz-Schwartz, the company’s founder, graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning (Honors) in 1985 from the Technion in Haifa. She earned her MA in Architecture, specializing in Building Design, from Colombia University, New York, USA in 1988.
Kika founded the office in 1989, having returned from four years in NY where she interned in the offices of world-renowned architect Moshe Safdi, and Frank Williams & Associates. Working there enabled her to accrue valuable experience in complex building design while coping with central issues in contemporary urbanism, including high-density construction and related issues in the world’s largest metropolises.
Kika brings a personal female perspective to her work, evident in the close attention to small details so important in home life. Apartments are not merely a technical spaces in which to live but first and foremost, a home. As such, the spaces and structures must have a family nature and address the interlinking relationships in the family, where on an everyday basis lives are conducted both individually and jointly. The various scenarios typical of everyday Israeli life funnel into Kika’s vision on planning, enabling the family to infuse the apartment with personalized identity and expression, turning it into their own unique home.

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Kika Braz Architects and Urban Planners Ltd was established in Tel Aviv by Kika Braz Schwartz in 1989, following her graduation with Master of Architecture at Columbia University.
Kika Braz Architects employees [80] professionals, is ranked #10 at the D&B Architecture ranking for 2024, and won several awards including the best residential project for 2021 – Herzliya Hills, Herzliya; and finalist, among 3, in mixed used project at WAF2021 – The Block, Beer Sheva.
The firm is one of the leading practices in Israel, designing residential buildings, office space, commercial centers and urban master plans. It takes planning from conceptual design stage through detailed construction plans and execution oversight. The firm is known for is design capabilities and the ability take extremely large-scale project from concept to realization while integrating chic styling with functional yet smart design.
The firm’s extremely high-quality architectural abilities backed by efficient execution capabilities and methodical organizational skills, provides entrepreneurs with a full gamut of architectural services, starting from concept through design alternatives, permitting and specific approvals to detailed planning, and oversight of all execution stages. The firm designs a diversified portfolio of projects including residential, commercial, office, mixed use, and extensive and comprehensive urban renewals. Our offices hold vast experience in working closely with various government planning offices at the national and municipal levels and can achieve permitting efficiently and expeditiously. The firm, at the pre-design stage, analyzes building rights and delivers feasibility studies for land parcels, auctions, and building sites. Many of Israel’s largest developers, construction companies, private entrepreneurs and landowners are among the firm’s clients.
At Kika Braz Architects we believe that construction based on local values shows respect for both the users, and the environment from which it grows. These values allow the structures to become an integral part of their urban social constellation. Buildings shape the city they are in, and therefore must bear the same level of environmental responsibility as they should towards their users. Architecture must therefore be as generous towards the metropolitan space, the passers-by, and the occasional visitor as it should be to its permanent residents. Higher density buildings have become part of architectural ethics in a country where land reserves are consistently diminishing. The firm seeks to establish a new urban vision, one that assertively addresses social needs by authentically facing the issue without neglecting the residents and their quality of life. Responding to this commitment, the office develops and nurtures its ability to work with clients and residents, contractors and authorities alike, on large scale projects encompassing hundreds, and at times thousands, of residential units. Working on such a large-scale project promotes differentiated approach to architecture. The scale enables to create a higher quality residential unit while, nonetheless, ensuring an economic saving and optimal utilization of resources. But no less importantly, it also allows to construct new urban textures and fabrics that address contemporary architectural dilemmas in ways that simply are not possible when working on small scale projects.
Kika Braz’s architectural works are characterized by typological structures adjusted to the local climate and social tastes while leveraging the mixed use concept to create the Israeli tower: the high-rise home that integrates local materials, fresh air, and privacy despite being at the hub of the dense Israeli metropolis. We believe in humane, ethical architecture in which the aesthetic of the building goes hand in hand with its functional properties rather than a by product of it.

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Ethic Architecture

In our designs, aesthetics inherently derive from the building’s function and use, while using prevalent building technologies.

Authentic Israeli Architecture

We design in accordance with the Israeli climate, culture, and way of life to transform local everyday needs into esthetic elements.

Responding to the Essence of Place

Our buildings reflect the geographic, historic and cultural context in which they grow.

Planning the Urban Space

Our aim is to create dynamic public spaces that support and sustain communities within the city.

Creating a new living experience

Our designs respond to current social and urban issues and enable innovative modes of living in the city. We create dynamic public spaces that support and sustain communities within the city.

Intensive building at a human scale

We lead a new urban vision to enrich the quality of life in a rapidly densifying world.

Working with nature

We design sustainable buildings and urban environments, maximizing use of eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.