Magdilim – team of the week

may 2024

New Urban – Full length Poscast

September 2023

New Urban – Sammary of Podcast

September 2023

The Tower Planners – Calcalist

August 28, 2023

On the way to tomorrow we stop in the cities of the future

April 2023

90 Years of Real Estate and Construction in Israel

April 2023

On the way to the cities of tomorrow we stop in the future – 90 Years of real estate

April 2023

The Planning Development of Urban Renewal Branch in Israel

March 2023

Woman of the Week – Kika Braz – Construction Center

January 2022

Intensive construction on a human scale- The Marker

February 2022

Large-scale projects, meticulous design – D&A Israel

January 2022

Sivan Execution will establish a new residential complex in Yad Eliyahu

July 2021

Commerce downstairs, apartments upstairs: an attempt to create a new urban center in Be’er Sheva

June 2021

Real Estate Conference 2021

June 2021

“Opportunity to create a bold, angular and colorful architectural icon”

May 2021

Excellence Competition in Construction 2021

May 2021

Successfully completed the first phase of an abbreviated construction method pilot

May 2021

70 Influencers 2020: A vibrant and dynamic urban renewal

April 2021

ICR Israel Canada Ram Residence and Tzemach Hamerman signed a document …

February 2021

Business gossip: Who came to the conference to do good deeds?

November 2020

haarez- galeria/ Very high education

October 2020

Video from Herzliya Hills Lior Dayan

October 2020

Construction work began on the student dormitories at the Holon Institute

October 2020

Globes: The Minrav Yam – ICR project is underway

September 2020

First place city renewal City Square 2020

March 2020

First Place Award – Leading Construction Evacuation Office 2020


The student dormitories in the country are under construction, so why are not everyone happy?


Next month it happens: The construction of the dormitories is underway

November 2019

A plan has been submitted for the construction of 320 apartments in western Petah Tikva

september 2019

A huge plan to evacuate construction in the Weizmann housing complex in Herzliya has been finally approved

June 2019

INBAR Company

June 2019

Urban Renewal in Yad Eliyahu: Approval of the La Guardia-Wingate Tel Aviv Evacuation Complex

February 2019

Price per occupant in Galil Yam: 175 winners bought apartments in three days

December 2018

Build out of the box

March 2018

A dream about a villa

March 2018

Herzliya Hills – Residence in an urban park

July 2017

Evacuation of large construction on the Florentine-Jaffa border – watch the simulations

April 2017

Gindi Holdings will build 120 housing units in the city of Yamim

december 2016

Rishon LeZion: Student dormitories with 350 apartments

August 2016

Herzliya: The building was demolished in favor of a boutique project

February 2016

Leaving: First evacuation-construction complex in Herzliya

February 2016

Huge evacuation-construction in Herzliya: almost 2,000 apartments

July 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Baraz // Gindi Heights: The Top

April 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Baraz / Gindi Heights: Years of flowering

April 2015

This is Israel 3. Kika Braz/ Gindi Heights: One of my favorite projects

April 2015

The architects of the towers also design in small

February 2015

Herzliya: NIS 1.8 million for 2 rooms

January 2015

bigtime- Occupies height

April 2014

The architect- Building buildings

March 2014

yediot- Taste makers

March 2014

Herzliya: 245 new apartments in the evacuation-construction project

July 2013

Petah Tikva – long-term lease

January 2013

Gindi sold the four remaining duplexes in the project in the Mother Colonies

September 2011

Height and Width: Kika’s Architecture Vision

May 2011

Architects of Dreams, Chapter 2

May 2011

Touching the sky: on the luxury buildings in city centers

February 2010

Play basketball at home and tennis on the roof

August 2009

calcalist- Builders of the land

March 2008

Ynet: Builders of the land

March 2008

Maariv- worldwide

October 2007

A date for a vision


The first officer – kika braz