Project: Dream Tower


Dream Tower




Bat Yam




Shikun & Binui







Dream Tower Bat Yam is 30-story tower with 137 apartments located on the eastern end of the new Park HaYam Neighborhood in Bat Yam. In the center of the neighborhood is a long central park that is surrounded by buildings and continues from east to west, leading to the seaside. A commercial, public and educational complex that serves the residents of the neighborhood is on its eastern end, next to Begin Street. Lot 49 is situated next to these public facilities, overlooking the park and the sea, which can be seen between the street buildings. The tall tower stands out both because of its height and because of its location on the neighborhood edge, next to major traffic routes and in close proximity to all the public services.

In order to increase the number of apartments that have an open view of the sea, a typical T-shape was chosen to allow the rear apartments to face west as well. The vast majority of the apartments have a view of the sea and the central park from corner bedrooms that enjoy high-quality natural ventilation and an abundance of light. Flexible use of the typical plan allowed us to respond to changing conditions along the height of the building: on the lower floors, the plan was adjusted so that the eastern apartment that faces the nearby commercial center was canceled, and its area was divided among the two rear apartments facing west. The considerable height of the building is emphasized by vertical elements and the contrast between stone, plaster and aluminum covering of the shell, while its elegantly gradated capital contains a variety of duplexes and penthouses.

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