Project: ECO Ramat Hadar Ha’Hadasha


ECO Ramat Hadar Ha’Hadasha




Giv’at Shmuel




Gindi & Zeitouni






Nimrod Levy

On the western side of Ramat Hadar Ha’Hadasha neighborhood, in its outer ring right next to Bar Ilan University, the two 21-story towers stand along a green boulevard that follows the Jabotinsky route and contains walkways and bike lanes. The project’s proximity to the University and perfect accessibility place it in the heart of the Gush Dan metropolis, surrounded by a dynamic urban landscape, but offering a quality of life that is hard to find downtown.

The two buildings are mirror images of each other. The special size of the lot – 7.5 decares – made it possible to create and develop a beautiful, green open space in the interval between the buildings, crossed by a walkway and faced by the lobby and common room on the ground floor. Inside the buildings, the six apartments on each typical floor are divided into two separate elevator sections, each of which only serves three units per floor, easing the intensity in the common areas that would be expected in a building with 114 households.

The project offers a diverse variety that includes 2-5-bedroom apartments, with the more spacious apartments occupying the corners of the building, and the smaller ones in its middle. The plan consists of two squares configured as a plus sign to allow optimal air exposure and view for every unit. The building’s design enhances and highlights this structure, so that each tower is perceived as a combination of two intertwined boxes whose elements rise and envelop the penthouse floors, creating a visually appealing contemporary and elegant frame.

  • Number of residential units: 228
  • Aboveground area: 9,800 sq.m
  • Underground area: 16,400 sq.m

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