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Giron Estate




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In the heart of Tel Mond’s orchards, right alongside Lord Ziv Estate, once the hosting center for the Zionist leadership in the Land of Israel, “Giron Estate” was constructed by the Giron Group. Its 127 private or semi-detached homes, with an area of some 400 sq.m. per unit, circle this gorgeous estate. The homes were planned to suit the Israeli climate, where living is conducted outdoors for a large part of the year.

At each home’s exit into the public space is a spacious shaded area where the barbeque with chimney is located. The concept was to create a very well lit “summer house” mood where indoor and outdoor merge and create interesting shifts of light and shade.
Throughout the ground floor, starting from the front door, the garden and swimming pool are evident, blending into the home’s interior through the glassed spaces. This transparency nurtures a unique light within the home, which blends with the atrium and creates a pleasant, airy feeling.

Giron Estate contains 6 home prototypes. Together they form a different kind of neighborhood, breaking free of uniformity and monotony. Every family can find the model that most appropriately suits its lifestyle and character. Each home contains not just a living room but a family room positioned near the kitchen.

Homes were planned with flat roofs, clean and modern lines, and only the skylights of various shapes, and the chimneys, are the dominant verticals. The special clay colorations contribute to the projects’ uniqueness, emphasizing the various mass components and honing the relationship between them.

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