Project: Gissin-Imbar






Kiryat Arye, Petah Tikva


Private Ownership





The Kiryat Arye Industrial Zone in Petah Tikva is undergoing a process of major renewal, growth and transformation. Up until now the area contained mostly warehouses, factories and low industrial buildings, but the recently approved Outline Plan tripled its rights, allowing the construction of towers with an emphasis on mixed uses.

The project is to be located on Gissin Street, the main route of Kiryat Arye, and replace an existing gas station and parking lot. The two buildings, 20 and 40 stories high, are designed to form a “campus,” with parts of the ground floor dedicated to creating an urban zone where workers and shoppers can meet.

The 76 Gissin project is an example of the flexible application of architectural typologies which creates buildings that resonate with their location and users. The buildings’ design is suited to Israel’s climate and aesthetics, and combines curtain walls with walls covered by stone, creating a variety of spaces with different qualities. The towers are H-shaped to let light and ventilation into all floor spaces, eliminating the hierarchy between interior spaces that have little to no natural light, and peripheral spaces with windows.

The combination of two H-shaped buildings creates a central square that will be shaded and protected from the tumult of the street, to serve both as a high-quality rest area for the complex’s workers, and as a quiet entrance that is separated from the surrounding street and leads directly to the center of the complex and the towers.

*In collaboration with Rozen Architects

  • Aboveground area: 43,000 sq.m
  • Underground area: 11,470 sq.m

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