Project: Hadarei Glil Yam


Hadarei Glil Yam








Sela Construction & Issta Assets





This project defines the eastern side of Glil Yam – a large neighborhood that extends across 500 decares and contains approximately 3,000 housing units, whose planning took about a decade. Its location in the southwestern part of Herzliya, right on HaSira Interchange and the gateway to the city, highly accessible by every route that leads into the city – road, railways, tram and more – positioned it as a highly attractive neighborhood full of parks, public buildings, commerce and business sections, as well as a system of roads fitting a modern neighborhood.

The neighborhood is characterized by dense, low-rise construction – most of the buildings in the neighborhood are up to nine stories tall, with the exception of a few towers. The same characterizes our project: 260 housing units in 9 buildings which differ from each other according to their respective location in the neighborhood. Overall, this project makes the eastern entrance to the neighborhood, with the building located on the corner of the main street (the entrance to the neighborhood) forming a public space that welcomes the arrivers, and the rest of the buildings situated according to their respective surroundings (parks, public buildings, etc.).

What makes this project different from other projects in the neighborhood is its supply of non-standard apartments of various sizes and directions – planned for various and diverse populations – including apartments with private yards and penthouses, as well as its meticulous design that includes a variety of different materials such as wood covering.

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