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Herzliya Hills, a project designed by Kika Braz Architects, one of Israel’s top architectural firms, is uniquely situated at the entrance to the city of Herzliya and to the entire Gush Dan area. Its vicinity to the highway presented an opportunity to create a bold, colorful architectural icon that would be visible to hundreds of drivers from the side parallel to the Herzliya Pituach industrial zone. The 4-story base, pixelated in five shades of red, constitutes the bottom block and matches the uniform heights of the office buildings on the other side of the highway. This dialogue between the residential and business façades helps shape a broad “city gate”.

The typology of Herzliya Hills is a combination of “towers in a park” and “urban texture”, containing elements of both in a combination of residential units, offices, public facilities and a neighborhood sports center. Its exceptional location is of great value: easily accessible by train, by car or on foot, adjacent to employment, entertainment and shopping centers, not far even from the sea and the Herzliya Pituach Marina, with a rich array of urban spaces, plazas and open passages that create a unique and fascinating vista. The public space is defined by the 4-story base that contains multiple seating areas which face the passing traffic, giving the entire complex a distinctly urban spirit. The spaces between the buildings form gateways 4 stories high which connect the interior pocket parks to the larger park in the west, as does the main green walkway. Balconies of various sizes and position overlook the project’s spaces, further enhancing the urban feel.

The 600 residential units are grouped in two sections, each comprised of three 18-story towers and two low-rise connecting structures that complete the base in the space between the buildings. The mass is thrice gradated: on the 4th floor that connects the base and the tower proper, on the 11th floor, and on the top penthouse floor. Ground floor apartments have their own yards.

The project’s bold styling is achieved by a combination of red in the base and a body of silver and white, creating an eye-catching visual composition. The strong coloration, particularly the red, vermilion and sienna, helps creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.
Unique dry cladding with porcelain tiles with external thermal insulation ensures optimal precision and uniformity in construction, finish and color, as well as top level thermal insulation.

  • Number of residential units: 600
  • Aboveground area: 84,590 sq.m
  • Underground area: 53,360 sq.m

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