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Lod City Center






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A project for construction of a 12-decare main business center in Lod. The location of this project, next to HaBanim Square at the intersection of HaKhashmonaim, Herzl and Henrietta Szold streets, is a tricky one: it already contains a one-story stone structure from the time of the British Mandate, which under the city policy is intended for preservation, and approval for construction of 124 housing units pursuant to a previous zoning plan that has never been realized. The Center is situated to the east of Herzl Street, on which a pedestrian zone and tram line are planned, and consists of two separate complexes separated by HaKhashmonaim Street.

The construction in the northern complex is adjusted to the plan the city is promoting in the center of the old city and includes two structures built on street level, with a commercial ground floor and nine residential floors. The second and larger complex, located between HaKhashmonaim, Uri Nehushtan and Henrietta Szold streets, is intended as a vibrant multi-purpose complex near the tram route. Its design allocates space for the expansion of HaBanim Square, integrating the preserved structure into it and turning it into a large plaza leading to two 3-story structures with commercial ground floors; the top 2 floors in one of those structures will contain offices, in the other – public facilities.

Two residential towers with a ground floor and 23 residential floors will be built behind these low-rise buildings, facing Henrietta Szold Street. The towers step back from the street to create an intimate open space between them for the residents, which includes an access route to the public area of HaBanim Square.

  • Plan area: 12 dunams
  • Number of residential units: 286
  • Aboveground area: 46,500 sq.m (residential) / 2,600 sq.m (offices) / 3,700 sq.m (commercial) / 1,600 sq.m (public facilities)
  • Underground area: 13,640 sq.m

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